The Sugarhill Gang Live

The Sugarhill Gang Live

Hot on the heels of the bands sold out come back tour in 2016 which took them around the globe, they are back! The Sugarhill Gang across Europe in 2017 is not to be missed and a show in the intimate setting of LUX will be an extra ordinary experience, as they easily fill festivals and stadia. The Sugarhill Gang, up front, close and personal, courtesy of Ghent’s leading urban nightlife Club 69 and Ghent’s most notorious urban event City Queens!


The Sugarhill Gang is one of the most iconic music acts of all time. The godfathers, the first Hip Hop superstars and one of Hip Hop’s most reveled icons attained superstardom with the hit record “Rappers Delight”. With over 12 million units sold, the group scored the biggest selling Hip Hop record of all time. While lots of Hip Hop acts and bands nowadays struggle to sound like they do on recording, the Sugarhill Gang is known for their energetic and one of the best live shows around! The crowd-pleasing, concert-wrecking, festival-killing road rulers are ready to tear every place apart!

Their versatility is what makes them also the greatest live performers and continue to set the gold standard. They refuse to rest on nostalgia and present a brand new show. Besides potent originals, their songbook is full of sneaky covers (Prince, Michael Jackson, Prince, Frankie Beverly and Maze) and even sure fire comedy interludes. The live show features hit after hit spanning the groups entire career, starting with their chart topping classic “Rappers Delight” from 1979 to their first song in 25 years with international dance DJ superstar Bob Sinclair called "La La Song,' which quickly became an uber hit in Europe in 2009.

Fans can expect a memorable performance with hits such as “Rappers Delight”, “La La Song”, “Apache”, “8th Wonder”, “Showdown”, “Kick it live from 9 to 5”, “Living in the fast lane”, new songs and a few surprises! The show will be brought to you by DJ Dynasty, accompanied by Master Gee, Wonder Mike and Hendogg on vocals.

Check in at 22h00 for the live-show but stick around for the after-party with Mixmonster Menno and Davidov till the break of dawn. 




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