Dimitri Wouters

Dimitri Wouters


Catch me this Saturday at my hometown - Antwerp city! Looking forward to play at 17Y… https://t.co/vM6nciMrhk
@dimitriwouters • 15 Feb 2018 • 19:01
Note to self: next time flip the scarf, nobody can read it 🧐😬 #lifeisaparty @ Bemdhal https://t.co/SzNLTdJRUE
@dimitriwouters • 13 Feb 2018 • 18:01
4...3...2...1... WEEKEND!! #lifeisaparty https://t.co/FfxMqR2Ksl
@dimitriwouters • 09 Feb 2018 • 19:18
Boys & their toys... 😆 #lifeisaparty @ Night of Darkness https://t.co/HFVsT8dOTp
@dimitriwouters • 08 Feb 2018 • 14:57
Catched a serious cold here in Belgium... I could use a plane to a sunny destination right now!… https://t.co/1U8oFXeSnn
@dimitriwouters • 05 Feb 2018 • 18:23
When jankerckhofs throws a party you know it’s gonna be awesome. When he adds @maartn as a… https://t.co/tQRTV5a0je
@dimitriwouters • 01 Feb 2018 • 01:51
This was Night Of Darkness last Saturday! 🙏🏼 Hey, no worries, you don’t need to wait for the… https://t.co/lz27rba0lQ
@dimitriwouters • 30 Jan 2018 • 18:20
Just checked my mailbox, the first time I played at snowbeachparty was in 2013... Thanks for… https://t.co/uTjZAKqer2
@dimitriwouters • 29 Jan 2018 • 16:41
Yup. Crazy... Just a big THANK YOU to everyone at Night Of Darkness & Snow/Beach Party!… https://t.co/TsuFnr2S5R
@dimitriwouters • 28 Jan 2018 • 04:53
Tune in tomorrow at FG for my weekly LIAP radioshow, Saturday you can find me at Night Of… https://t.co/25IuokFasc
@dimitriwouters • 25 Jan 2018 • 20:11
Visited the Lady Gaga concert at Sportpaleis , played the VIP Afterparty. Not bad for a Monday… https://t.co/qC4xOQ5lw0
@dimitriwouters • 23 Jan 2018 • 02:06
My best friend facetimed me at work, so I showed him the office (and made a weird face).… https://t.co/GEedJp3osc
@dimitriwouters • 21 Jan 2018 • 18:16
So once again the event company said in advance “It’s just a very small corporate event. There… https://t.co/vfmQJGlnFw
@dimitriwouters • 20 Jan 2018 • 04:34
I hope you’re as ready for the weekend as I am! #lifeisaparty #dj #gigs #weekend @ Dancehall Diest https://t.co/2rQ9du31iG
@dimitriwouters • 18 Jan 2018 • 18:45
Praying for all you students behind your books. Study hard & party harder afterwards! #lifeisaparty https://t.co/oXAUzxZGj7
@dimitriwouters • 16 Jan 2018 • 19:23
Because every self-respecting dj should post a random pic with a laptop when he’s at the… https://t.co/j3O3fkjrzC
@dimitriwouters • 14 Jan 2018 • 17:00
Once again it was a pleasure ending NYE with a closing set at Happiness (Sint-Truiden)! Last… https://t.co/bp8apLNmpp
@dimitriwouters • 09 Jan 2018 • 20:23
Happy Monday, enjoy your week! #lifeisaparty (Oh I finished the Dubai aftermovie, will be… https://t.co/FWTmMsxlFp
@dimitriwouters • 08 Jan 2018 • 08:03
So my 3th gig on NYE was Dancehall (Diest), SHKRZ Room. Thanks partyshakerz for the invite,… https://t.co/vV7xDDvWBN
@dimitriwouters • 03 Jan 2018 • 21:10


DW is a well-liked deejay at festivals, parties and clubs all over the country. For more than 6 years, Dimitri Wouters is resident at the amazing ‘Paradise Saturdays’ (Antwerp). He plays at all major VIP afterparties of the Antwerp Sportpalace (think Beyonce, Dimitri vegas & Like Mike, Rihanna, Swedish House Mafia and many many more). For already 4 years in a row he played a memorable set at Tomorrowland. And last but not least he weekly rocks your local parties and sets the dancefloor on fire!

Dimitri Wouters knows how to surprise people. He outshines from the fast growing amount of deejays thanks to his outstanding technical skills, original music choice and his natural ability to keep dancefloors grooving into the early hours of the morning. Like his approach to deejaying, Dimitri Wouter’s approach to producing is unbound by genre. While working on some new homemade tracks, he keeps on spoiling his followers from all over the world with crazy mashups and bootlegs!

“For me, it’s all about sharing my love for music. It’s about communicating through music. Music is my life. Life is a party”

- Paradise Saturdays (Café Local)
- Sportpaleis Vip room
- Noxx Antwerp
- Reflex (Westerlo)

Guest sets:
- Sportpaleis (NYE 2009 & NYE 2010)
- Tomorrowland
- Summer Festival
- Laundry Day
- Beachland
- Carré
- La Rocca
- Café d’Anvers
- Red&Blue
- City Parade
- …



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