As one of Europe’s top DJ’s airplay on Radio FG all over the world, he sets the tone for a night out.With his first world wide hit “ What a feeling”…

Eddie Halliwell

Without a shadow of a doubt Eddie Halliwell is a legend, a hero and a massively popular DJ worshipped by many’ DJ Mag Eddie is a DJ legend to rank…

MYNC - Cr2

2011 was definitely another stellar year for MYNC, their collaboration track with Space Ibiza resident Wally Lopez ‘Esa Boca Linda’ was a summer revelation reaching a coveted Top 10 spot…

Nicole Moudaber

Dance music changed Nicole Moudaber’s life – now she’s returning the favour. “The drums reached me,” she says of her initiation at New York’s infamous Tunnel Club. Ever since then,…

Paul Oakenfold

When it comes to a career the magnitude of Paul Oakenfold it’s hard to encompass one of the true legends of electronic music into just words. For over 3 decades…

Phill Da Cunha

PHILL DA CUNHA, One of Antwerps most finest... With an impressive career of almost 20 years in nightlife. Residencies at most Belgium clubs & quality concept events. Remember Le Bozo, Zillion, Delano,…

Radio Rocca

Where to start? Well, in 1988 we decided to open a new club unlike any other club in Belgium. From our own extensive party nightlife experience we decided right from…

Toolroom Knights

Mark Knight’s legacy already ranks him as a leading player in dance music culture. His rise to the forefront has been more than just gigs and remixes; his contribution to…

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Tijdens ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) afgelopen week in Amsterdam zijn er drie doden gevallen. Lees er alles over...
@RadioFG_be • 20 Oct 2014 • 23:16
Vanavond op @RadioFG_be : 21u TPIA# met Tube & Berger 22u The Jelly Bellies 23u X-ian 00u Marco Bailey 01u Adam...
@RadioFG_be • 20 Oct 2014 • 21:34
@RadioFG_be • 20 Oct 2014 • 14:22
Last night was unforgettable ! What a great first edition of Laundry Night at the Lotto Arena :) Picture by...
@RadioFG_be • 19 Oct 2014 • 20:10
Alvar & Millas at Laundry Night :) EPIC party over here !! #laundrynight #rave #edm
@RadioFG_be • 19 Oct 2014 • 02:24
C O N C R A T S to the Belgian @RadioFG_be residents: YVES V & WolfPack for entering the DJ Mag top 100!!
@RadioFG_be • 19 Oct 2014 • 00:12
Hier is hij dan voor de liefhebber van lijstjes, de volledige DJ Mag TOP100 Uitslag Top 100 DJs 2014 1....
@RadioFG_be • 19 Oct 2014 • 00:09
DANNIC at Laundry Night :)
@RadioFG_be • 19 Oct 2014 • 00:07
Straks draait hij op Laundry night, maar nu eerst op je radio! We proudly present: dj licious !
@RadioFG_be • 18 Oct 2014 • 18:03
We geven nog enkele duotickets weg voor Laundry Night morgenavond in de Lotto Arena te Antwerpen. Het enige wat...
@RadioFG_be • 17 Oct 2014 • 15:14
Heb jij al je tickets voor Laundry night,nu zaterdag in de Lotto Arena? FG Residents Dyro, DANNIC, dj licious...
@RadioFG_be • 15 Oct 2014 • 17:26
Haal de hotste clubs in huis: Pioneer DJ lanceert KUVO Lees er alles over op onze site!...
@RadioFG_be • 15 Oct 2014 • 16:23
Straks op @RadioFG_be => La Rocca radio met Dj Philip Antwerpen: 100.2FM Livestream:
@RadioFG_be • 14 Oct 2014 • 18:43
Daft Punk!
@RadioFG_be • 14 Oct 2014 • 13:59
O P R O E P aan alle hobby en professionele koks (of voor zij die nog een leuk cadeautje zoeken). De kookwinkel...
@RadioFG_be • 14 Oct 2014 • 11:43
Vanavond op @RadioFG_be : 21u TPIA# pres. Kaiserdisco 22u Underground FG met Monika Kruse 23u X-Ian 00u Marco...
@RadioFG_be • 13 Oct 2014 • 19:59
NOW ON AIR: @thevillaantwerp Check
@RadioFG_be • 11 Oct 2014 • 23:01
NOW ON AIR: @oliverheldens Check
@RadioFG_be • 11 Oct 2014 • 22:05
NOW ON AIR: @hedkandi Check
@RadioFG_be • 11 Oct 2014 • 20:05
NOW ON AIR: @Delafino Check
@RadioFG_be • 11 Oct 2014 • 19:05