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Dada Life

This is Dada Land. Get ready to arrive beautiful and leave ugly. There are no rules but the rules of Dada. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward.…

Dimitri Wouters

DW is a well-liked deejay at festivals, parties and clubs all over the country. For more than 6 years, Dimitri Wouters is resident at the amazing ‘Paradise Saturdays’ (Antwerp). He…

Laidback Luke

If it’s music’s prerogative to change with the times, Laidback Luke is the master of evolution. The one time Chocolate Puma protégé turned Dance Music heavyweight has a two-decade track record…

Mike Williams


Starting out in the mid-2000’s, Australian sisters Mim and Liv Nervo made their name by writing smash singles for artists like Ke$ha and Kylie Minogue, remixing superstars like Katy Perry…


Original, emotional, visceral. These are all words that are used to describe Noisia’s music and each is more than justified. In less than a decade the Dutch trio, renowned for…


Fadil El Ghoul (born 2 April 1986), better known by his stage name R3hab, is a Dutch DJ and record producer of Moroccan and Algerian origin. Alongside Afrojack and Chuckie,…

Sam Feldt

While only in his early twenties, Dutchman Sam Feldt has become quite the deep house tastemaker of his day. With amazing remix work as well as solid hits like the…

Sophie Francis

A Dutch teenage girl, with half of her childhood spent living in South Africa, who happens to be the next big thing in dance music. Sophie Francis started playing piano and…

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki, the DJ/Producer, among many traits also founded his own label, Dim Mak Records, in 1996. The label has released music by other electro house artists such as Datsik,…


It’s been a cyclonic three years for the unavoidable, vivacious pairing of electronic music’s freshest high-hopes, Wolfpack, with things only set to snowball further into a whole other rave-fuelled realm,…

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@Pwainx Dat is de bedoeling ja. Enkel zit de huidige mux volledig vol. Eind dit jaar komt er een nieuwe landelijke…
@RadioFG_be • 17 Sep 2018 • 13:48
Nieuw radioseizoen, is ook een nieuw programmaschema! Check hier onze nieuwe shows en hun uitzenduren. #fgsessions…
@RadioFG_be • 15 Sep 2018 • 18:50
TEPR nu live in onze Parijse studio!
@RadioFG_be • 13 Sep 2018 • 23:45
Time for some good old fashioned T E C H N O 😋 21h @NoirMusic 22h @ChrisLiebing 23h @felixkroecher 00h…
@RadioFG_be • 13 Sep 2018 • 21:37
Time for some good old fashioned T E C H N O 😋 21h @NoirMusic 22h @ChrisLiebing 23h @felixkroecher 00h…
@RadioFG_be • 13 Sep 2018 • 21:37
Listen live !! #music #goodmusic #radio #radiofg_be #livemusic #happy #antwerp #musiclovers…
@RadioFG_be • 13 Sep 2018 • 07:00
Perfect festival style ! #festival #party #partyallnightlong #weekendvibes #festivalseasonisalmostover…
@RadioFG_be • 08 Sep 2018 • 20:43
@arnevanoerle Proficiat, jij mag vrijdag & zaterdag gaan dansen op Natural Highs festival 2018 samen met 2 vrienden…
@RadioFG_be • 06 Sep 2018 • 20:00
Maak kennis met ons nieuw Social Media Bitchke! Geef jij ze een like?! #radiofg_fg #radiofg #fm #antwerp #music…
@RadioFG_be • 04 Sep 2018 • 20:00
Dj Licious, Delafino, Erick Morillo, Claptone, Mr Grammy CHUS+CEBALLOS, Flashmob, YOUSEF, Stefano Noferini, Roger S…
@RadioFG_be • 03 Sep 2018 • 02:03
@djlicious, @delafino, @ErickMorillo , @Claptone_, @Mistergrammy @chusceballos, @Flashmob_Dj, @yousefcircus,…
@RadioFG_be • 01 Sep 2018 • 14:24
@dimitriwouters is ONAIR now! #dimitriwouters #clubfg #radiofg #radiofg_be #djshow #liveset
@RadioFG_be • 24 Aug 2018 • 18:09
Uploaded "Dave Brody - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (16/08/18)" to @mixcloud listen now!
@RadioFG_be • 23 Aug 2018 • 19:58
Just uploaded "Am.I - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (16/08/18)" to @mixcloud Tune in now!
@RadioFG_be • 23 Aug 2018 • 19:55
Votted best act on Tomorrowland
@RadioFG_be • 23 Jul 2018 • 17:12
Antwerp City y'all!
@RadioFG_be • 18 Jul 2018 • 12:43
Ow yes, ow yes! Onze vrienden van Circle hadden niemand minder dan Carl Cox als gast afgelopen maandag!
@RadioFG_be • 18 Jul 2018 • 11:57
Akira - Radio FG Belgium Thursday (05/07/18): via @YouTube
@RadioFG_be • 06 Jul 2018 • 20:00